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Future Men's Club

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The MC3 Future Men's Club
by Matt Gonnella

"Are you a boy, or a man?" At times, this question is used to toughen up the one of whom it is asked. But obviously the answer is "boy", when we consider our 2,3,4, and 5 year old sons, no? After all, to ask them the question would be ridiculous; and in the above context, harsh. However, while boys may be boys, they will not be boys forever. Christian fathers (men) must never forget that the training of their sons (boys) will have direct results on what kind of men these precious souls become.

Ms. Housten, did you say something?
"The children are our future." This quote is used in many sentimental, mushy contexts. How does it apply to the people of The Covenant? It is everything, and applies in every way. God makes promises to the children of believers (Acts 2:38-39), and they are heirs of His Grace. (Rom 4:13-15) The Lord clearly used parenting as an instrument of this Grace. The covenant children are the future of the Covenant. The covenant boys will soon, seemingly in a flash, be covenant men. The inheritance is theirs by Grace. How will they use it?

Boys learn to be men from men and women. They watch their parents. They spend much more time with their mother. By the power of the Holy Spirit, boys learn to be like the Ultimate Man, Christ Jesus, by learning from His Word, His people, and His example. Being a "man" is all about being like the God-man, in every way we can. It means dying to sin and giving ourselves to others (Phi 2). It means embracing our callings with godly ambition. Surely there are many contributing factors that all combine and aide in the process of faithful, God-fearing boys becoming faithful, God-fearing men. And mom has more to do with it on a daily basis than anyone else. Mom, we love you.

Clubs are for click-ish people
Our club is not really a club at all. It is simply a very not-so-often time we spend together as males. We, the people of Messiah's Covenant Community Church, love to celebrate true, godly, biblical masculinity and femininity in many ways. We do this in community, the way the blessed apostles taught us. We love one another the way The Lord Jesus taught us, and use our various gifts in the way he commanded us. We gather together often and for many reasons. So once in a while, the men of the church (with the consent of their godly, patient, better-halves) enjoy the blessing of an outing with their sons. We do various activities to give the boys time to "be boys" with the men. Activities on the constant agenda include: hiking, fishing, climbing, exploring, camping, boating, and hopefully one day - hunting, shooting, archery, etc. Don't forget more urban-friendly endeavors: watching and playing baseball, football, soccer. etc. You get the point.

Boys and girls are exactly the same
Not that many of the above activities aren't suitable for covenant girls and families and churches. Many of them are. Many godly girls love to hike and fish and stick living worms on hooks. But... when boys get together, things happen. Testosterone seems to spin out of control. We do things that cause bruises and scrapes. We often can be found attempting to lift or climb things, requiring all of our strength. Upon observation, one will see headlocks and half-nelsons. Sticks magically become swords. All of the sudden, there are princesses to save. Imaginary ones, mind you. We celebrate this God-given behavior and with His Holy help from on high, we seek to harness it, mold it, and direct it so that the young ones learn to use the way they are to the Glory of God Almighty. Getting together with the boys and the men is one small and very fun way to do that. It is good for boys to be pulled out of the domestic context every now and then, ever-so gradually, until that time (which flies by!) when they will leave father and mother. (Gen 2:24)

Join Us
So get your fishing pole. tackle box, swiss army knife or your football, cleats, and end zone-markers: its time to for the future! If you have ideas for ways that Brooklynite men and their sons can have a blast and train their sons, feel free to suggest away! We are not naturally inclined toward the things of nature as are the godly woodsmen of middle America. May God bless the children of promise! May He bless our efforts to be faithful to the vows we took when they became Covenant Heirs! What a responsibility! What an Awesome God who equips us for the task! Amen.

These are the commands, decrees and laws the LORD your God directed me to teach you to observe in the land that you are crossing the Jordan to possess, 2 so that you, your children and their children after them may fear the LORD your God as long as you live by keeping all his decrees and commands that I give you, and so that you may enjoy long life. Deuteronomy 6:1

Copyright 2005, Steve Schlissel