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This post is a response to an article published by the Gateway Pundit on November 10, 2017 titled: “Report: Alabama Woman Claims Reporter Offered Her $1000s to Accuse Roy Moore of Sexual Abuse?”

The article reads:

“On Thursday the far left Washington Post accused Judge Moore of dating a 14 year-old girl in 1979. Judge Moore has denied the charges. A Navy veteran who served 22 years for his country and then served in the Secret Service claims a family friend who lives in Alabama told his wife that a Washington Post reporter “named Beth” approached her and offered her THOUSANDS to accuse Judge Roy Moore of inappropriate sexual advances! Of course this is HUGE news if true. The family friend reportedly has a picture of the reporter and contacted the Etowah county District Attorney.  They went to the local DA instead of the FBI because EVERYONE today knows the FBI and DOJ has been compromised and cannot be trusted. UPDATE: We have not been able to confirm these allegations by Doug Lewis.”


The story is not Roy Moore. The story isn’t even corrupt media. The story is how the egalitarian religion has ALREADY led to a populace so stupid, so movable, malleable, fickle and brainless, that it is almost irresistible to conclude that they DESERVE the totalitarianism and national wreckage they are being led into leap by leap. As long as people are relying on MSM to tell them what the world is, does, needs, wants and is going, they are USELESS. The Fathers never envisioned a system in which every moron had “a right” to vote. But even if that right exists (and why not for 3-year-olds as well, for that is the sophistication level of more than a few—if it’s a RIGHT, hey…), it was never conceived as one to be exercised by those being pandered to and bought off. Here’s a simple proposal: since it is an inescapable and obvious conflict of interest, make it in stone that no one receiving from the government (for which elections are being held) any money or benefit not explicitly being a return on their own prior investment, be permitted to vote. (Spare all the qualifications, at least spare me).

Look, Roy Moore ran for elective office in Alabama before—important office. How naive one must be to give credit to a story alleging to have predated his ENTIRE, highly controversial and high-profile career, when not a whisper was heard re: this sort of tripe. But now that he may be rightly expected to be Bam’s choice for Senator replacing Sessions, AND (most important), immediately after the successful trash spin on two Dem wins being equal to a massive rejection of Trump, they wish to strengthen traction and MAKE the fiction credible. Fact: in Virginia, the morons gave credence to totally wicked and vicious campaign portraying Gillespie and his supporters as POISED AND READY to murder all minority children by VEHICULAR homicide. I think the one who conceived, produced, approved and ran that slanderous evil should be fined and jailed. Where’s Charlottesville again? How many ways these dogs have found to lie, and how brainless of people to go for it with zero critical function!

One more item to finish the rant. If you’re looking for the key to understanding EVERYTHING we’ve been seeing for a year and more now, the single simple key that unravels every knot, that instantly renders believable every story and slimey action which we’ve thought to be “Unbelievable,” this is the key—Get this and hold it for it explains all ( on one or two levels): No one in the Demoncrapic Party—NONE, not a one—thought, believed, imagined Hillary would lose. Follow carefully: the endless activity we are witnessing, custom made for the American moron, and the ONLY spin available from most outlets, is NOT for the purpose of helping Demoncraps handle the loss!! No!! It is because Hillary could not accept the baton which would have allowed her to manage from the top keeping the lid on her depravity, her evil deeds, the Bahama-Clinton corruption machine, the betrayals the unprecedented corrupt activity and scandal to top every prior scandal–all the fluff and posturing and lying and confetti throwing is to HIDE the smell of Billary and their treason. That is it in a single nutshell. Therefore they are telling all birdbrains the anti-Trump train has left the station, better get on it. And tons will. Every one an idiot.

My point later will be, DV, the absolute urgency of keeping truth and principle ALWAYS in view, the very thing conservatives have become committed NOT to do. Instead, in the name of pragmatism they have not simply LOST every major moral battle of the last 50 years, but they have given all the keys to their enemies, in the process turning themselves into retarding agents—AT BEST.
This is NOT to despise or dismiss COMPROMISE in the political realm. Rather it is to insist that compromise be permitted to taste like what it is by holding principle even higher when reality says compromise is called for. “Already/not yet” has a substantial Christian history. It’s graspable. We can get it, live with it.

What we cannot abide is throwing PRINCIPLE under the bus, the very thing we have become so damned (word used carefully and intentionally used) adept at. Two low-level examples:

1) Ivanka continues pitching her pet proposal that can only further destabilize and punish what remains of the family by forcing all businesses to give X amount of leave–maternity, paternity, fraternity, sorority whatever– when and where the savior state says to give it. What she is demanding—if it is so beneficial to businesses, so self-evidently right and fair–why is it being advanced as a LAW? Much worse, it is framed as a RIGHT, one which will be enforced by federal powers, courts and prisons. Why is it being DISCUSSED pragmatically rather than as a matter which, on the surface, requires it to be immediately dismissed? How so? Well, apart from its having no claim to being under a delegated power, it can only be proposed on a premise which views ALL AMERICAN BUSINESSES as belonging to the State. Really, talk about farce! Her daddy gets rolled into the White House with a mandate to dismantle the hydra strangling us. She says, “Golly, gee, I also have an idea–let’s give it another head!”

2) Nationalization (aka Ownership) of the Health Industry. What really commends Ivanka as Dimwit of the Decade is that her proposal is made at precisely the time when THE HYDRA is busy at work, insuring that, instead of draining the swamp, ALL OUR LAWMAKERS are being drained of their energy while they figure ways to continue to drain our resources. In just ten years, nationalized health care went from being simply a plot which Hillary hoped (since the 90s) to use to convert America to pure Sanderism, into an unquestionable, teflon-coated, absolute, tinker-proof ENTITLEMENT. But all work–as in ALL—proceeded upon the BASIS of what Americans’ dujour sense of entitlement probably included. Result? Hahahaha.

Now what you mustn’t miss is that the SAME point could have been reached with Americans at least having HEARD once or twice what the actual problem was. But no. And I’m not suggesting that they’d have heard of it from the NY Times. Anybody would have done. But nobody did because nobody stayed on principled point—at least, no party did. But you see, here again, it is not the failure to achieve a legislative victory I’m lamenting, but our total failure to make KNOWN, much less clear, that it’s no use talking about retaining Obamacare unless tyranny is appealing. But it’s hard to stay on point when “the party” you look to to save us, itself knows not just what THE POINT is.

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