Las Vegas and the Obvious

Everything I observe in this short piece belongs to this writer’s favorite category: The Obvious. Why is that my file-folder of choice? That, too, should be obvious.

Por exemple: It’s the easiest. No need for laborious research or meditation to prove sequential assertions. Dealing with “Duh”-stuff relieves you of the burden of anticipating, collecting, ranking and overcoming the MLOs (Most Likely Objections). Of course, new writers (or preachers) who wish to be believed must fix it in their minds that unconvinced readers/hearers can be pearls of great price—if they can tell you why/where your argument failed. A regular diet of OPHOs (other people’s honest opinions) will become your best laboratory. Just remember what the first five letters of ‘laboratory’ spell because those precious lessons do mean arduous work. But when all you’re doing is pointing out the obvious, you might even have time to write a good “So what?”

Ahh, the blessings of the obvious! No struggling for clarity, no worrying about adjectival sufficiency (enough to keep loonies from running off the deep end, but not so much that they weigh the piece down). Etcetera. Etcetera. All those etceteras—gone! Therefore, with your permission, let me relish this too-infrequently indulged exercise in observing what requires no special talent to observe.

For today’s instance we call upon Newsweek, which continues to be a reliable source of grievous violations of honesty and logic—often stupendously obvious in its defects. Yes, ever since their days in print, Newsweek has been known as “the trope’s best hope.” Now, by the grace of God, out of print and confined to the realm of 1s and 0s, they continue (apparently) to spend most waking moments proving to readers they are asleep, with a fractional reserve devoted to the (delusional) insistence that they are different from Time Magazine. Their motto—which all staff reporters are required to tattoo on a secret body part—is, “Above all: Predictability!” And are they ever good at it! Long ago it got so some readers could tell you what the cover story would be based solely on the date. The issue nearest December 25th would tell of “Christmas Traditions Tearing Families Apart.” Is springtime nearing? Count on a cover story about “New Evidence Proves Easter Never Happened,” with a subhead, “But why your family should continue to make believe it did.” With a record like theirs, I know you won’t flinch for disbelief when I tell you the Newsweek headline which headed my Smartnews (it is neither) app’s coverage of yesterday’s Las Vegas mass murder:


What is a thoughtful, considerate human being to say in response to a banner like that, coming, as it does, as the LEADING consideration of a “respected” news organ?

First, it is a fine reminder that thoughtful, considerate human beings must RESPOND—as in, INTERACT— when reading (or listening or, perish the thought, watching) the so-called news, rather than simply, passively imbibing or absorbing the claptrap they circulate. Like never before in Christian history, reading the news demands earnest, combative engagement.

Second, why continue any discussion or blaming-project dealing with “fake news”? Could contrivance reach any higher (or lower) than this? And don’t stop there. Think—really, earnestly think—what this tells you about the gliberal, progressive HEART. In the immediate aftermath of 59 human beings suddenly and horribly slaughtered, after 500+ suffer injury, story #1 from MSM—America’s storytellers—forgoes any semblance of reporting but instead unabashedly runs into EXPLOITING. These dogs imagined it their duty to mislead and/or manipulate their fellow Americans more deeply into a brain-damaged leftist worldview in which the answer to every ailment is the removal of white men from the chessboard. This self-serving representative of an unelected and unresponsive, yet controlling, societal entity, IMMEDIATELY turned its attention and resources to playing shill and provocateur in such a base and degraded manner, one is struck with wonder that no one at the rag died of embarrassment when the editor assigned the spin. Did no one challenge him/her/it with a, “That’s sick. You can’t be serious, boss”? Can you TRUST these garbagemen? (Apologies to those who handle garbage—you, I happily acknowledge, perform a real and valuable service and are therefore prized and most necessary.)

Third, quite apart from all else which might be said, the heading, as it reads, is untrue. “More than any other group.” If ever a line called for, “The jury will disregard what that shmuck just said,” this is it. More than non-handicapped bipeds? More than humans above the age of eighteen? In ten minutes a journalism freshman could recite thirty-seven “groupable” traits other than white and male which encompassed MORE shooters. So why? Why the LUST that drove them to get this slander into text? Obvious.

Fourth, let’s continue that “Why” line of inquiry just a tad. There is only one reason the mainstream media distort truth to fit their politicized packaging: It is to gain control. To increase THEIR power. It is obvious. It is a crucial part of their zero-sum power game. There is just so much power in the political realm. MSM seeks to get and keep more than its share by their daily stab at gerrymandering: they seek, with all their resources and all their skills and technologies, to redraw the lines of power so that more is REMOVED from the people, generally considered (say, as all citizens of the USA) and is then REDISTRIBUTED to a certain number of their DESIGNATED (victim) groups.

(We will keep to the side the idiocy of their supposition that the members of these groups will remain full of gratitude even after overdosing on entitlement juice.)

Obviously, they wish to drain white Christian men of all power. Who are their chosen groups, lined up to receive all that liberated power? Well, if you think for a moment, you’ll see the one feature shared by all their chosen beneficiaries is this: They looked to the State and revolution, not themselves, God or labor, to give them what they lust after. In this transaction, MSM is the Grand Enabler. And  they do this in the belief that they will ever hold the reins of the beasts they’ve set free. This, too, is obvious.

Many, many fail to see the game for what it is. But seriously, is it not obvious that gliberals with eight-bedroom mansions who have not invited illegal aliens to live in, say, three of those, are not plowing sincere love into their proclaimed love of illegal immigrants? Or maybe, about the same amount of love that Mary Jo Kopechne’s murderer (Ted Kennedy) had for women and their “rights.” The hypocrisy of the left is so thick, it couldn’t be cut with nuclear powered tools. Their activities must be interpreted, therefore, in terms of a real and discernible agenda. Each day they stand at the top of news-gathering machines. Why does NBC and ABC and CBS, etc., report the same events in the same assigned order of importance, every day? Because they TREAT the news to prepare it for a purpose—not the edification of a population, but for the redistribution of power, taken from the general population and deposited into their personal accounts. Of course, they may find that their perception of controllability proves defective, but they have many, many methods for cultivating loyalty. The two majors are: Pay Attention and Ignore. Obvious.

Last, critical reading is often enough to discover something was up the sleeve. At the beginning of the Las Vegas Newsweek article, we encountered the rather pathetic, blessedly brief, effort to make the headline credible. Here it is: ‘There’s a feeling of entitlement that white men have that black men don’t,’ criminologist James Alan Fox told The Washington Post in 2012.” I’m not kidding. That IS it. They are so arrogant and evil, they think all they need to do to justify that OUTRAGEOUS headline is get one “expert” voice speaking out of an unknown context FIVE years ago. But by the end of the article, it turns out even the writers recognized that, with 90% of murders committed by men, and 98% of all mass shootings committed by men, a country wherein whites are a significant majority (63%), makes it a technical sure bet that the headline could be defended—technically. But it becomes indefensible when you act like a reporter yourself and ask, “Why?” Why did they use a tragedy of such immense proportions to run such a headline. If you don’t know yet, I hope you soon know the answer. It is


One last note: SO WHAT?

For all the consciousness raising on the political left and right, for all the money being spent on political office and lobbying efforts of diverse kinds, in spite of everything Christians may be doing or wish they might do to serve our God and country, NO ONE is even talking about the most needful thing of all: replacing the voice which continues to mendaciously define reality day after day after day: the New York Times. That is the single greatest generator of evil in our lifetime. Their motto: All the news that misfits print. They excel at everything in journalism—except impartiality and truth telling. Are we going to be led to judgment without having even made the effort to do news right? It was once a noble profession. Seems to me it could be, should be—must be—again. It is the noble task of Mediator—positioned between what happens under God’s direction and how it is interpreted. Hasn’t the Devil had the job long enough? The answer is obvious. (The hot flashes of right-tilting coverage are, for the most part, puerile or jaundiced or amateurish or ill-spoken.) In all the prescriptions regarding, “What we should do now,” this, the most needful thing of all, is never mentioned. Replace the cancer distribution which is the NY Times with journalistic excellence and truth. Is that what’s needed? Obviously.

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